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Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Coded by:K., Bj√∂rn (TTL)
Notes:Released as TTL. BASIC start line number is 1991 but it's very unlikely the release year. TTL used the handle Fusion starting in June, 1989. So release date is a guess.
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User Rating: 5.2/10 (4 votes)
Beatless Screenshot

Program Text
Upper scroll:
         this text is only important for people who want to hear cool muzak on plus four        if you press space you could listen to a converted muzak from sixty four        all muzaks of this demo are converted by me        hey andras  i hope you are not angry because i am using your routine        by pressing space ones more  you can read the text further        okay  let the text try again            

Lower scroll:
          yeah and hello to the newest demo  from ttl.         some greetings to        tppc and absurd    mad    knm    supy    boomby    deli    etc    mat    vanguard       oh  i think these are only hungarian freax    sorry about the german scene     there is only one  who is able to programm  and that is       alf       the rest of german people are lamers   for example    den    byte    pit    ucs and others   please do not swap with these individums        thanx        this time  no fuckings        some sixty four greets to        tli    mantronix    the force     warriors of time    x ample  especially takashi    beastie boys    ikari    the magic man       some personified remarks        hey tppc  please send your disk a byte faster        thanx to eds for spreading this demo        yep pigmy  what about the graphic converter   did you spread it        hello mat  please contact me        that is all for this time        see you soon        ciao and by by                          

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