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Bard's Tale
Tales of the UnknownThe Destiny Knight[ The Thief Of Fate ]Dragonwars

Bard's Tale III
Title:Bard's Tale III
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (4 sides)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Converted by:Pigmy
Re-released by:C., Zoltán (Csory)
Additional Coded by:B., Michael (Ceekay)
Notes:AKA The Bards Tale 3, The Bard's Tale 3. Subtitle: The Thief of Fate.
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Plus/4 World
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  Ceekay 1551 version:
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  Csory version (1551 fixed + Csory's 256K):
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  Disk 1a:
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  Disk 1b:
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  Disk 2a:
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  Disk 2b:
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  External links:
    C64 release
    Amiga release

User Rating: 9.4/10 (15 votes)
Bard's Tale III Title Screenshot

Bard's Tale III Screenshot

Article: Commodore Világ 11 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 10
Description: Commodore Világ 36 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 32
Tips: Commodore Világ 37 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 32
Description: Commodore Világ 38 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 33
Cheat: Commodore Világ 46/47 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 54
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PartEffect nameParametersNotes
256k Support Csory version with Csory's 256K memory expansion

In all menus, use first letter of the available options and enter.

J : Turn Left
I : Forward
K or Return : Forward and enter building
L : Turn Right

B : Bard song
C : Cast a spell
D : Drop member
N : New order of party members
P : Party attack
S : Save game
U : Use an item
V : Volume - music on/off
/ : Automap

1-7 : View party members
Shift + 1-7: View party members (without loading their picture)

Cursor up: Slower text scrolling during combat (default)
Cursor down: Faster text scrolling during combat

Cursor left: Pause game

Image Gallery
Bard's Tale III Screenshot #1
Bard's Tale III Screenshot #2
Bard's Tale III Screenshot #3

Download the original C64 manual (PDF, 9Mb) and the clue book (PDF, 8Mb), courtesy of DLH's Commodore Archive.

Spell List
Conjurer Spells:

Level 1:MAFL2View MediumMage flame - A small flame floats above the spellcaster as he moves about, illuminating the immediate area.
ARFI31 Foe/10' N/AArc Fire - Fiery blue flames spray from the spellcaster's fingers, inflicting 1 to 4 damage points, depending on the Conjurer's level.
TRZP230' N/ATrap Zap - Disarms any trap within 30 feet in the direction that the spellcaster is facing. Trap Zap also works on chests for the same amount of spell points.
Level 2:FRFO3Group CombatFreeze Foes - Binds your enemies in a magical force, slowing them down and making them an easier target for your itching sword.
MACO3N/A MediumKiel's Magic Compass - A compass of shimmering magelight appears above the party and shows the direction they face.
WOHL4Char N/AWord of Healing - With the uttering of a single word, this heals a party member from 4 to 16 points of damage.
Level 3:LERE5View LongLesser Revelation - An extended Mage Flame spell that also reveals secret doors.
LEVI4Party ShortLevitation - Partially nullifies gravity, letting the party float over traps, or up and down through portals.
WAST5Group/20' N/AWarstrike - An electric spell where a stream of energy shoots from the spellcaster's finger, frying a group of foes for 5 to 20 damage points.
Level 4:INWO6Party N/AElik's Instant Wolf - Summons a giant and extremely fierce wolf to join your party.
FLRE6Char N/AFlesh Restore - A powerful healing spell that restores 10 to40 points to a party member, curing those stricken with insanity or poisoning.
Level 5:GRRE7View LongGreater Revelation - Operates like Lesser Revelation, but illuminates a wider area for a longer period of time.
SHSP7Group/30'/(N/A)Shock Sphere - Creates a large globe of intense electrical energy that envelops a group of enemies and inflicts 10 to 40 damage points.
Level 6:FLAN9Group N/AFlesh Anew - Works like Flesh Restore, but affects every member of the party.
MALE8Party IndefMajor Levitation - Operates like Levitation, but it lasts until the spell is terminated by some event like the activation of an anti-magic square.
Level 7:REGN12Char N/ARegeneration - A health spell that revives all the hit points for one lucky member of the party.
APAR15Party N/AApport Arcane - Teleports the party within a dungeon to any location that's not protected by a teleportation shield.
FAFO18Group N/AFar Foe - Pushes a group of foes 40 feet further away from your party, up to a total distance of 90 feet.
INSL12Party N/AElik's Instant Slayer - Materializes a slayer who joins your party. What's a slayer? The name speaks for itself...

Magician Spells:

Level 1:VOPL3Char CombatVorpal Plating - Causes the weapon (or hands) of a party member to emit a magical field that inflicts 2 to 8 points of additional damage.
QUFI3Char N/AQuick Fix - Regenerates 8 hit points for a character, up to the character's maximum hit point level.
SCSI2Party N/AScry Site - Causes a dungeon wall or wilderness pathway to reveal the party's location.
Level 2:HOWA41 Foe/10' N/AHoly Water - Holy water sprays from the spellcaster's fingers, inflicting 6 to 24 points of damage on any foe of evil or supernatural origin.
MAGA5Char CombatMage Gauntlets - Makes the hands (or weapon) of a party member more deadly by adding 4 to 16 points of damage to every wound it inflicts on a foe.
AREN530' ShortArea Enchant - Causes the dungeon walls within 30 feet (3 squares) of a stairway to call out if the party is headed towards the stairs.
Level 3:MYSH6Party MediumYbarra's Mystic Shield - Causes the air in front of the party to form an invisible shield that's as hard as metal. The shield moves with the party.
OGST6Char CombatOscon's Ogre Strength - Endows a specific party member with the strength of Elik's Ogre for the duration of the battle.
STFL6Group/40'/(n/a)Star Flare - An electrical spell that ignites the air around your enemies, scorching them for 10 to 40 damage points. A real hair curler.
Level 4:SPTO81 Foe/70' N/ASpectre Touch - Drains a single enemy of 15 to 60 hit points as if it were touched lightly by death.
DRBR7Group/30' N/ADragon Breath - Lets the spellcaster belch a breath of fire at a group of monsters, inflicting 8 to 64 points of damage on each monster.
Level 5:ANMA8Party CombatAnti-Magic - Causes the ground to absorb a portion of the spells cast at the party by monsters, giving the party a chance to escape unharmed. This spell also aids in disbelieving illusions and shielding against magical fires such as Dragon Breath.
GIST10Party CombatGiant Strength - Instills tremendous power in your party, increasing their strike ability by 10.
Level 6:PHDO10Wall 1 MovePhase Door - Vaporizes any wall that's not protected by an Anti-Phase Door aura or spell into air.
YMCA10Party IndefYbarra's Mystical Coat of Armor - Works just like Ybarra's Mystic Shield, but lasts indefinitely.
Level 7:REST25Party N/ARestoration - Regenerates the body of every party member to perfect condition; even cures insanity or poisoning.
DEST161 Foe/10' N/ADeath Strike - Instantly kills a selected enemy, which certainly categorizes this spell as one that doesn't fool around.
ICES11Group/50' N/AIce Storm - Pummels a group of monsters with chunks of ice, causing 20 to 80 points of damage.
STON20Char N/AStone to Flesh - Takes a character who has been turned to stone and restores him to his natural flesh state.

* Armors:
Robes: AC -1
Leather Armor: AC -2
Chain Mail: AC -3
Mthr Bracers: AC - 3 (for mages)
Scale Armor: AC -4
Plate Armor: AC -5
Mthr Scale: AC -5

* Helmets:
Helm: AC -1
Mthr Helm: AC -2

* Gloves:
Leather Gloves: AC -1
Gauntlets: AC -1

* Shields
Buckler: AC -1
Tower Shield: AC -2

Old man in review board:
The old man in the Review Board scratches his head. "Yes, you are the prophesied ones, but you have come too early. No matter."
"Beneath Skara Brae you will find one of Tarjan's devotees. Brilhasti ap Tarj is a foul Necromancer, and his life impedes my efforts to stave off disaster."
"You may enter the Catacombs under the Mad God's Temple by uttering his master's name... 'Tarjan'"
"Destroy Brilhasti ap Tarj, then return to me for your true quest."
With a wave of his hand, the old man re-energizes all magic users.

"Welcome ye children of the prophecy. Upon your shoulders falls a great weight, for you must embark on what will be your greatest adventure ever."
"That which has laid waste to Skara Brae is an ancient evil recently released. It threatens to destroy all reality and time as it has wrought havon on Skara Brae."
"If you cannot stop it, it will consume the universe. If you do stop it, you will be rewarded beyond all your dreams."
"Prepare thyselves, and hasten to the place of trees, for it is most like the first dimension you must sojourn in to blunt evil."
"Arboria, the home of Valarian the bold, is reached through using powerful magic that only a Chronomancer can control."
"Bring to me Valarian's Bow and The Arrows of Life if Valarian will not return here with you."
"Yes, and be on the lookout for an ally, for you are not the first I have sent on this quest. Though your paths are different, they may cross, and you will do well together."
With a wave of his hand, the old man re-energizes all magic users.


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