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Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
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Notes:Written by AndrĂ¡s Feszthammer (Kripton Soft). Find the Aztec's treasure by navigating the maze and avoiding the arrow traps.
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Aztek Title Screenshot

Aztek Screenshot

1 Instructions
2 Start
3 Increase difficulty

T Up
V Down
F Left
H Right
Space Pause/play

Instructions / Ending
The game can be difficult to control at the default speed. You can slow it down by entering a negative number in option 3 in the main menu. (For example: -50).

On level one, you have to navigate the maze. Bumping into a wall is lethal, so be careful. The intended path is shown in green here:
Aztek Level 1

Once you reach the "AZTEK" text, two arrows will start flying (see note about program bug). If you can avoid these and exit the screen, you progress to level 2.

Aztek Level 2
(To start from this level, type RUN 430.) On level 2, your job is considerably simpler: pick a side and navigate to it. The treasure will be either (1) or (2), chosen in random, the other will end in game over. If you managed to pick the right one, you can see the ending.

Aztek Ending
A short tune will play and the time taken will be shown. To see (and hear) the ending, type RUN 1300.

The game has a bug: the arrow which flies vertically does not stop, it keeps moving indefinitely upwards. Since the arrow movement is done with POKEs (writing directly into the memory), after a short while this will crash the game. In line 411, change 3156 to 3303 to fix the bug.

Cheats - How do I use cheats?
In lines 353 and 356, change THEN 1260 to THEN 365.Invulnerability

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