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Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Coded by:K., RĂ³bert (KiCHY)
Notes:Excluded from voting. WANTED: Missing software.

Announced as forthcoming release in the scrolltext intro of Dynamoid Original, "Aster" is a multiscreen platform game in one disk side, with graphics stolen from The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad for the sprites, and from First Samurai for the background elements.

Being the game complete, the game should have been sent to Nukeman for a freeware or shareware spreading by him, but it didn't happen, then KiCHY sold his Plus/4. Lately, since the '00s years, he tried to find it from his old disks, unfortunately with no success.

It used to display a multicolor character set with more than 4 color per character. The player was the guy from Antiriad without the armour, moved it by character boundaries but XORed with the background graphics. The enemies had 4 animation frames and they moved pixel by pixel, over the black background with no masking. There were some animated chars on screen like waterfall and so on, and
the gameplay was a simple 'avoid enemies - jump'n'run - reach the exit'.

About the title: KiCHY totally had no idea how he should name the game, so he took a dictionary, opened it blindly and spotted on a word with his fingers. The flower called aster popped out.

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