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Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Notes:Multiplatform release for C64/128 and Plus/4. Published by OPI (Omoga Productions International), Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. WANTED: working D64 file. Missing software.
  Broken crack:
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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  Partially fixed:
Download from Plus/4 World
Plus/4 World
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Asigo Screenshot

Bundled: Asigo (Software Manual/English)

Cassette or Box Photo

Disk Structure
There are 4 separate files on the Plus/4 disk side, they must be independently loaded:

P-FIVE : Junior level, against Computer
P-SIX : Senior level, against Computer
P-SEVEN : Junior level, against a friend
P-EIGHT : Senior level, against a friend

Broken Crack
The existence of this obscure American game written in BASIC has been revealed when Mad Max has decided to send it as a contribution, complete with manual and diskette scans, to DLH's Commodore Archive. Apparently, the side A of the disk contains the C64 version, written in straight BASIC V2.0, whereas the side B should contain the BASIC V3.5 version for the Plus/4, as written in the manual. Unfortunately, the latter has been declared lost by the supplier himself.

What Mad Max has been able to recover, is a disk side with namely the four expectable files for Plus/4, but compiled with Blitz! Compiler on C64, having a code that starts from $0801.
Being a C64 based P-code compiler, any known Blitz!-like decompiler tool is not able to recognize and recompile the correct BASIC V3.5 instructions, hence any attempt to reverse the process didn't give results.

Due to the fact it's basically a BASIC coded game, the best would have been running the Plus/4 dedicated files on a C64 in order to let the decompiler runs flawlessly, then copying the significative slice of memory and use the resulting code on Plus/4. It seems there's another trouble: performing the above action results in a typical copy protection message (and the same occurs forcing the file to partially run on Plus/4), appearing on screen just after a BAM check (i.e. all the sectors in track 18 on the disk).

Notes For Partially Fixed Release
The C64 version is on (filename in all lowercase, .d64 extension, further down the page than the Plus/4 .zip​).

The C64 version is in pure Basic 2, only the documentation file is Blitz'd. The screencolor POKEs have been changed, and the new files were saved to the C64 disk as .SRC files. These have some SID sounds, but those were not converted. Someone with more SID experience should make the SOUND substitution.

a. Moved the documentation file, so that we can have a bootloader in the first position of the disk. Ideally this would detect C64 or Plus/4, and load the appropriate versions.
b. P-FIVE.SRC through P-EIGHT.SRC are included for anyone who wants to fix the sounds.
c. P-FIVE through P-EIGHT are AustroSpeed-compiled versions of the SRC files, to maintain the spirit of the lost Plus/4 versions.

Hopefully you know of someone who is willing to finish the "conversion" so we can have as close to the original release as possible.

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