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Adventure Building System
Title:Adventure Building System
Release Date:
Device Req.:Disk only (1 side)
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Released by:Methabolix (MX)
Coded by:R., Álmos (Rachy)
Notes:Allows users to create complete adventure games. Uses a language similar to Graphic Adventure Creator.
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User Rating: 8.1/10 (6 votes)
Adventure Building System Screenshot

News: Commodore Világ 32 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 33
News: Commodore Világ 29/30 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 49
Advertisement: Commodore Világ 34 (Magazine/Hungarian) Page 36

Author's Notes
The language of ABS is from the Graphic Adventure Creator (C64 release). The whole system was based upon the article from the CoV '91 Yearbook (including the sample game, Advinman).

About 3-4 Hungarian people bought the software based on the advertisement in CoV (see below). One of them created a complex game with it, I exchanged several letters with him, and he sent several bug reports, none of which was fixed.

The system was intended to be sold in Germany as well, with Nukeman's help (see German translation below), but nothing came out of it.

German Transation
Below is the German translation of the game's documentation.

Rachy remembers the following:
"This is the 'official' German documentation. My plan was to sell the software in Germany as well. I had my dad's coworker translate it (and paid 1600 HUF - which then was a lot of money). It was given to Nukeman, but nothing came of it."

[ 01 ] [ 02 ] [ 03 ] [ 04 ] [ 05 ] [ 06 ] [ 07 ]

Advertisement (CoV 34)
• Igen! Itt van az egyetlen kalandjáték-szer-
SYSTEM, lemezzel együtt 250,- Ft + posta-
költség. Rendeld meg! Rajnai Álmos/
RACHY of Methabolix, Keszthely, Bercsé-
nyi M.u.46. 8360

• Yes! Here's the only adveture game
editor for the Plussy! ADVENTURE BUILDING
SYSTEM, 250 HUF including disk + shipping.
Order it! Rajnai Álmos/
RACHY of Methabolix, Keszthely, Bercsé-
nyi M. str. 46. 8360

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