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3+1 Magyarul (Hungarian 3+1)
Title:3+1 Magyarul (Hungarian 3+1)
Release Date:
Machine:PAL Only
Code Type:Machine code
Distributed by:Novotrade Magyarország
Coded by:S., György (szollosigy)
Notes:AKA "3+1 Software Magyar Karakterkészlettel". Requires a Commodore Plus/4 to run (won't work on an expanded C16).
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Download from Plus/4 World
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3+1 Magyarul Screenshot

Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Front Cover
Cassette Cover Inlay
Cassette Cover Inlay


3-PLUS/1 in Hungarian

This software allows you to use Hungarian accented characters in the text you type in the built in 3-PLUS-1 software. It work with both the English and German versions, and it can also be used to change the default character set of the Plus/4 to the Hungarian version.
The keyboard layout is the same as the one used on the factory altered C-16 computers.
Some of the original keyboard functions of the 3-PLUS-1 program were in conflict with the Hungarian accented characters, and had to be altered.

The changed functions:
original layout: -- new layout:
C=+B (german version) C=+C
C=+F C=+M
C=+L C=+V
C=+Q C=+Z
C=+R C=+B
C=+T C=+X

The rest of the functions remain unchanged in both the German and English versions. This software only changes the computers font, and therefore when printing accented characters graphics symbols will be printed instead.
This softwre can also be used the change the font of the Plus/4 to the Hungarian accented characters. To achieve this, first the 56th byte in the memory must be set to 240 (POKE 56,240), and then the software must be loaded. After running the program, the machine's font will be placed in the RAM (at memory address F000-F7FF), and from $0609 an IRQ routine will be installed in the memory. The memory available for basic will be reduced to 57341 bytes ($1000-$EFFF).
With high resolution graphics, the machine will use the original font, but even here the Hungarian characters can be used. To do this:

1. GRAPHIC 1 ; $1000-$17FF memory area is free
2. GRAPHIC 0 ; default state, but the graphic mode is not cleared
3. MONITOR ; enter the monitor
4. >07F8 80 ; the monitor will see the RAM under the ROM
5. TF000 F7FF 1000 ; copy the font to $1000-$17FF
6. 02E44 14 ; the CHAR statement will "see" the font from $1400
7. X ; exit to basic

About using the software (start address=4352):

a) changing the font for the 3-PLUS-1 software:
- load it as a basic program with autostart
b) changing the font for the Plus/4 computer
- POKE 56,240
- load it as a basic program with autostart

Addendum to the manual of the 3+1 program

If we are using the software to change the font of the machine (before loading we must use POKE 56,240), then after loading the following statement can be used reset the machine:

POKE 814, 74 : POKE 815, 240

If we don't do this, other software cannot be loaded.

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Cassette Cover (Text)

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