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Release Date:
Machine:PAL & NTSC
Code Type:Basic
Game ending type:Has an end, game ends
Created by:M., Hubert (Mulisoft)
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007 Title Screenshot

007 Screenshot

Game Endings
This game has an ending!

Published: Commodore Welt C16 116 P4 Special 2/87 (Magazine/German) Page 43

Map Preview
Download: 007_map.gif
Created by Csabo.
Description: Map
Dimensions: 336x208
File size: 3 KB. Created on 2012-10-19.

Solutions - Hints
How do I find out what the code is?
When toggling through the digits, listen to the number that has a different beep.
What is the 9 letter code required at the second gate?
What famous name is associated with 007?
I still don't know the 9 letter code!
I reached the briefcase but died! What gives?
You have to find 3 items before going there.
I found and picked up all items and still died at the end! What gives?
Make sure NOT to pick up the 2nd item, the large package.

Solutions - Complete
1) Drive to the gate marked A (on the map). Crack the code to pass.

Crack the code:
A random 3 digit number is generated. Each time you use joystick up/down, you will hear a beep. Keep doing this until you hear a different beep, this means the current digit is correct. Press fire to go to the next digit, repeat until all 3 numbers are correctly identified.

2) Drive to position B and go right. You will find a key, press J to pick it up.

3) Drive to the dashed gate marked C. Enter JAMESBOND as the keyword to pass.

4) Drive to the gate marked D. Crack the code to pass.

5) Drive to position E and go right. You will find a large package, press N so that it's NOT picked up. Note: you cannot skip this step, if you don't come here NOT to pick up the package, your mission will fail.

6) Drive to the gate marked D again. Crack the code to pass.

7) Drive to position F and go up. You will find a small box, press J to pick it up.

8) Drive to the briefcase to win.

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