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NameCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeMachineDistribution
Air WolfGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
ArcadeGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Baseball (Byte Games 17)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Beans Story IIGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
BeepsGame1985Italian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
Bees AttackGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Bounce AroundGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
BreakerGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Caccia Al LadroGame1987Italian16K?As compilation
Canoe Slalom (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Carri Armati (NSG)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
CasiṇGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Cave HuntGameUnknownEnglish16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
Crazy House (Playsoft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Dedalus 3D (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Destructor (Byte Games 21)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Destructor (Byte Games 29)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Diagon (Byte Games 21)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Diamonds MineGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
DiscoveryGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
DuelGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Entertainer IGameUnknownEnglish ?Commercial/TA
FalconGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Falcon (Byte Games 22)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Family-QuizGame1988German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
Fang Die MausGame1987-06German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
FutureshockGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Ghost Town (Byte Games 21)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Golf SimulatorGameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
Gran PremioGame1985-11Italian16K?As compilation
Grand Prix (Playsoft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Jumper (Byte Games 28)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
La Luna (Savage)GameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
La PaludeGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Mad BallGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Master TennisGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Mate PoolGameUnknownSpanish16K?Commercial/TA
MonsterGameUnknown 16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
Multipede (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Neptune (Byte Games 22)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Old TomGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
OpdGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
OrrorGame1986Italian16K?As compilation
PairGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Pancho (Byte Games 17)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Piano XGameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
PirgadigeGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Pogo (Golden Software)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
PonchGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Pool (Byte Games 29)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Punchy (Byte Games 19)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Puzzle (Byte Games 22)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Quick PlumberGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
RebounderGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
RhombusGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Rough DiamondsGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Scramble (Mantra)Game1985Italian16K?As compilation
Scramble (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Shark HuntGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Sir PentGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Slot Machine (Mantra)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Smart ThiefGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
SmashGameUnknownEnglish16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
Snapman (GEIE)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
SotterraneiGame1985-08-23Italian16KPAL & NTSCType-in
Space Fortress (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Space Fortress (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Space Mission (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Space QuestGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Space TankerGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Spara All'AstronaveGame1985Italian16K?As compilation
SpielhoelleGame1988-04German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
Star Wars (Golden Software)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
StrawberryGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Sub Hunt (Byte Games 29)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
The BikerGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
The ThiefGame1986 16K?Commercial/PD
Timezone 2GameUnknown 64K?Freeware
Train MissionGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
TransvaalGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
UtopiaGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
WargamesGameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
WarriorGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Wimpy (Byte Games 21)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
XavierGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
XedusGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Zeppelin (Byte Games 34)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Zolyx (Byte Games 34)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
ZorxGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Zorx (Byte Games 29)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
93 found.

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