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Category | Release Date | Name

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NameCategoryRelease DateLanguageSizeMachineDistribution
Air WolfGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Aliens (Playsoft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Androide (Android)GameUnknownSpanish16K?Commercial/TA
ArcadeGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Bounce AroundGameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Caccia Al Ladro (Thief Hunting)Game1987Italian16K?As compilation
Canoe Slalom (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Carri Armati (NSG) (Tanks (NSG))GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
CasinòGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Caverna (Cave)GameUnknownSpanish16K?Commercial/TA
Cohetes (Rockets)GameUnknownSpanish16K?Commercial/TA
Crazy House (Playsoft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Dedalus 3D (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
DuelGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Entertainer IGameUnknownEnglish ?Commercial/TA
Golf SimulatorGameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
Gran Premio (Grand Prix)Game1985-11Italian16K?As compilation
Grand Prix (Playsoft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
La Luna (Savage) (The Moon (Savage))GameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
La Palude (The Swamp)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Mate PoolGameUnknownSpanish16K?Commercial/TA
Multipede (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
OrrorGame1986Italian16K?As compilation
Piano X (Plan X)GameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
Pogo (Golden Software)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
PonchGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
RebounderGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Scramble (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Slot Machine (Mantra)GameUnknown 16K?As compilation
Space Fortress (Mr. Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Space Fortress (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Space Mission (Soft)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
Spara All'Astronave (Shoot The Spaceship)Game1985Italian16K?As compilation
Star Wars (Golden Software)GameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
The BikerGameUnknown 16K?Commercial/PD
The ThiefGame1986 16K?Commercial/PD
Timezone 2GameUnknown 64K?Freeware
TransvaalGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
WargamesGameUnknownItalian16K?As compilation
XavierGame1990-02 16K?As compilation
Basic ParádéGameUnknownHungarian64KPAL & NTSCFreeware
Cave HuntGameUnknownEnglish16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
Family-QuizGame1988German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
Fang Die MausGame1987-06German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
Gra Sadystyczna LejGameUnknownPolish16KPAL & NTSCFreeware
MonsterGameUnknown 16KPAL & NTSCAs compilation
Sotterranei (Underground)Game1985-08-23Italian16KPAL & NTSCType-in
SpielhoelleGame1988-04German16KPAL & NTSCType-in
BeepsGame1985Italian16KPAL OnlyCommercial/PD
49 found.

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