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Mail Archive
#1177B., László (Lacus)2000-01-19Sys cracker for Commodore 16/Plus4Hi I was looking for th
#1198B., László (Lacus)2000-02-08P-copy and MF turboHello 1. If sombody has
#1200B., László (Lacus)2000-02-10=?iso-8859-1?Q?V=C1=3A_P=2Dcopy_and_MF_turbo?=------ =_NextPart_000_01BF73B5
#1204B., László (Lacus)2000-02-14C Plus/4 progamsHello Everybody If anyb
#1207B., László (Lacus)2000-03-07Hungarians programs for Plus/4Hello Everybody I would
#1302B., László (Lacus)2000-05-09Problem with some d64 file for Plus4Hello Everybody I have
#1535B., László (Lacus)2000-08-28=?iso-8859-1?Q?V=C1=3A_WinEMU_0=2E48R1?=------ =_NextPart_000_01C010FF
#1603B., László (Lacus)2000-09-21Bigyulabolt (Gadget Shop)Hi Everybody If anybody
#1651B., László (Lacus)2000-11-06LogictrainerHi Everybody I'm lookin
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