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Insider Report was a very short lived German diskmag: only two issues were ever produced.

Notes regarding issue 3:

In Exact's production For Germans Only this issue is mentioned: "LOOK OUT FOR OUR LATEST RELEASES". Since that demo is from November 1991, and the other new demo mentioned (The Meaning Of Life) if from December 1991, we can conclude that they meant "upcoming releases".

The second clue that suggests issue 3 was never actually released is in Scene Focus 06 (from 1993). It is reported that issue 3 will be released by MWR (a group that was founded by the remaining members of Bastards after Exact quit the scene).

In the midst of 1993, the CBT-news import disks were also featuring the Spread It! information text, an official call for articles and news to publish in a big international diskmag, with code by Dr. Death (now Degauss), graphics by Axxis and publishing materials by CBT and Ikari. No release date was given yet though, and the 3rd issue had been left unreleased in the end.

A very early core of the new code to launch with Insider Report 3 has recently surfaced from some old disks own by Degauss: Insider Report 3 Preview. It shows a sliding logo and a textscroller only, just to show a very first prototype of the forthcoming layout.

Insider Report Issues
Insider Report 1
Insider Report 2
Insider Report 3 Preview
3 issues.

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