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  Bubble Bus SoftwareCompanyno England
  Bug-ByteSoftware Labelno England
  Cascade Games Ltd.Companyno England
 Gremlin GraphicsCompanyno England
  AnirogCompanyno England
 MastertronicCompanyno England
  MicrodealCompanyno England
 Firebird SoftwareCompanyno England
  English SoftwareCompanyno England
  U S GoldCompanyno England
  CRL Group PLCCompanyno England
 AncoCompanyno England
 Code MastersCompanyno England
  PlayersSoftware Labelno England
  Mr. Micro Ltd.Companyno England
  Tynesoft Computer SoftwareCompanyno England
  Magnificent 7 SoftwareCompanyno England
  Solar Software Ltd.Companyno England
  CDS Software LTDCompanyno England
  Atlantis Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Imagine SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
 Elite Systems Ltd.CompanyYES! England
  Americana SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
  Yes! SoftwareCompanyno England
  Rino Marketing LimitedSoftware Labelno England
  Optyx Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Illusion Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Midas MarketingSoftware Labelno England
  Alligata Software LimitedCompanyno England
  KnightsoftCompanyno England
 Durell SoftwareCompanyno England
  Novagen Software LtdCompanyno England
  Alternative Software LimitedCompanyno England
  AriolasoftCompanyno England
  Endurance GamesSoftware Labelno England
  The Power HouseSoftware Labelno England
 Ocean Software LimitedCompanyno England
  Probe SoftwareCompanyno England
  Beau Jolly LimitedCompanyno England
  British SoftwareCompanyno England
  Micro ProjectsCompanyno England
  Commodore Business Machines (UK) Ltd. (CBM)Companyno England
  Romik Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Software Projects LtdCompanyno England
  Adventure International (U.K.)Companyno England
  ThunderbirdsGroupno England
  AudiogenicCompanyno England
  Artic Computing Ltd.Companyno England
  York Electronic ResearchCompanyno England
  SupersoftCompanyno England
  Citisoft Ltd.Companyno England
  Livewire SoftwareCompanyno England
  Blue RibbonCompanyno England
 MicroValueSoftware Labelno England
  Star GamesSoftware Labelno England
  WinnerSoftware Labelno England
  Enigma Variations Ltd.Companyno England
  Alpha OmegaSoftware Labelno England
  Paxman PromotionsSoftware Labelno England
  EncoreSoftware Labelno England
  Creative SparksCompanyno England
  SparklersSoftware Labelno England
  Silverbird SoftwareCompanyno England
  KixxSoftware Labelno England
  AVSCompanyno England
  Master GamesSoftware Labelno England
  Prism Leisure CorporationCompanyno England
  Addictive GamesCompanyno England
  Electric DreamsCompanyno England
  Super SellersSoftware Labelno England
  Intellect SoftwareCompanyno England
  RobtekCompanyno England
  A.S.K. SoftwareCompanyno England
  QuicksilvaCompanyno England
  Argus Press Software (APS)Companyno England
  Icon DesignCompanyno England
  The Hit SquadSoftware Labelno England
 PeaksoftCompanyno England
  Arcadia SoftwareCompanyno England
  JaysoftCompanyno England
  Domark Ltd.Companyno England
  Fawkes ComputingCompanyno England
  Impex Software Ltd.Companyno England
  Wizard SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
 CronosoftCompanyYES! England
  Venturegate Ltd.Companyno England
  Duckworth ComputingCompanyno England
  Reelax GamesCompanyno England
 Psytronik Software (Psytronik)CompanyYES! England
  Channel 8 SoftwareSoftware Labelno England
  GamebustersSoftware Labelno England
 East Midland Allied Press (EMAP)Companyno England
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