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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Alexandre, Sylvie, Yannick and Patrick must cooperate in order to refuel a helicopter and run away from a shopping center ravaged by hordes of zombies, awaiting for the twilight to massively enter the place and bite'em to death.

First problem to solve: keep closed all the three entrance doors. The direction office is on the level four, but some keys are needed in order to let our heroes enter it. Those keys are in the office after the stairs at third floor. Once they're in, it's time to reach level four by the lift and enter the direction, where three keys can be collected.

One key, one lorry. There are exactly three lorries close to the mall's doors. Moving the big beasts in front of any entrance will help for sure. Keys at hand, all the three lorries have to be reached exiting from level one, ignited by the respective keys and moved pressing the gas pedal. One man will retrieve the companions left outside, by using a rope from the three respective windows of the second floor. They're all into the mall again now.

In order to keep the zombies away from the mall, lights have to be turned on permanently, but the power box in the basement is just missing a fuse. So, one man takes a torch, and another man handles the fuse with gloves in order to put the latter one into the power box. It's now time to reach the direction again and press the right button on the command board: the lights are now on.

Great! Zombies are not a problem anymore, and our buddies only have to put their corpses into the freezer room located in the basement.

But once the zombies trouble is gone for the moment, another comes in: Hell's Angels, a rival crew of zombie killers, has now all the freedom to knock you down and take all the reward. Now, that can turn out to be the solution: they have their van, and the van has its fuel! Someone must exit the shopping center and steal that liquid treasure.

Meanwhile the damn punks attack you all the time.

Drop the petrol can on the ground and open the van's cap, then operate with the hose-pipe...

Full tank!

Time to go on the roof and fix the helicopter.

They're all there, corpse included.

Open the cap... the tank and hose-pipe again. Now the helicopter is ok, so...

...pick up the ignition keys.

The Ending
Beware! Nobody will fly away before all the corpses of the Hell's Angels are disposed into the freezer! All clean!

Now it's really time to escape: keys are on, let's moving the stick...

...and go! Away from the hordes of hell! "You have won!".

Follow carefully the solution and use the cheats.

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