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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Collect 12 zodiac signs along the Corridors of Time, and this will allow you to reach the Time Vaults, a holy room that appears only when your task has been completed. There, you lose all your signs, and you must to recollect'em and take'em one by one into the Central Chamber, that is: pick up any sign and pass thru the two walls in the center of Time Vaults. The Jemons follow you and return immediately once shot down, but they give you 5000 points a kill, but you can't shoot while carrying a sign!

The Ending

Once you take the 12th sign into the Central Chamber, the game restarts immediately, allowing to point to a higher score.

On emulator, enter:
>1567 0B
This assigns to you 11 out of 12 signs. Collecting the 12th sign, makes you appear in the Time Vaults.

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