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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
This game has a second level and an ending, which may be a surprise to many players, because competing the first level is extremely hard (so is the second).

To finish the first level, you have to pass through 169 gates before the time runs out.

On the second level, you have to navigate through a very narrow cavern, all the way through in one shot. If you touch the edges of the cavern, you lose one of your three lives and have to start over from the very beginning. If you do make it, you see the congratulations screen.

The Ending
Xadium Ending

The message is typed out letter by letter, then your score is counted. After a delay, the game automatically returns to the title screen.

While on the intro screen, enter the following in emulator monitor:
>1E34 1
>25BE 2C
Start the game. You'll only have to pass through one gate to finish the first level. On the second level, you'll be invulnerable (you can still attempt to control your ship). The ending will be reached in a short while.

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