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Game Endings

Tower Of Evil
Ending for
Tower Of Evil

How To Reach
Andros the hero must save the princess, who's been kidnapped and locked up in the highest floor of the Tower of Evil by the Necromancer. To achieve his mission, he must pass from one floor to the higher one by collecting a key which allows him to teleport, along with the other useful items he can find on his path, meanwhile the Necromancer's minions are trying to stop him.

How to use the key in the right way, once Andros has reached the 8th floor?

Well, unlocking a huge treasure chest, for example! First money, then love!

The Ending
Found her! Let shoot down some foes in order to reach her in the middle of roo..

Ooooh, how satisfating to finally see a princess who automonously approaches her saviour with no more useless waiting!

It's just love, rule says: if there's a one-character heart it's love, definitely.

Use the cheats to reach the ending.

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