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Game Endings

The Lands Of Zador
Ending for
The Lands Of Zador

How To Reach
In the higher place of the Trithium Mines, there's a disactivated portal awaiting for Katy, and Zordan's magic is here too.

Zordan speechs: could it be for real?

Yes! The portal has been reactivated!

Time to go...apropo, to go where?

Oh well, first of all: let's enter it, we'll see later where...

Drums' rolling aaaand...

The Ending
Mission accomplished, Katy! Zador has been saved and the spellstone will be taken back to Azur again.

Here comes the veeeery long credits scroller.

Spaceship ready to go, the portal is over our heads, time to go back!

See the cheats to get the ending codes.

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