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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Supreme Leader, save the Epsilon universe! Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu, and Yottsu systems must be taken under control, defeating Wotok, Smine, Krart and most of all Rorn, which have established bases in the buffer planet systems that are menacing your dimension.
So, in any of the single campaignes, you must gain control of the farest planet, preserving your starbase.

Wotok's gone! Go back to your jungle, stupid bananas-munching gorilla! The next foe has just been announced.

Same with you Smine, where's your telepathy linking now? Next please...

Ok Krart, have to say you was tougher, and your soldier were quite smart. But I've learnt to cage lizards since the elementary school, so...

Rorn's torn! Performing the impossible, our troops prevailed in the largest'n'hardest system! Even his ashes have been trashed out in the deep space!

The Ending

You did the uncanny, your universe is now in peace, and you're the real Overlord!

On emulator, set:
>5BF0 (00-01-02-03-04)
00: defeat Wotok
01: defeat Smine
02: defeat Krart
03: defeat Rorn
04: bad ending

then enter:
G 1091

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