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Game Endings

Runner Mission
Ending for
Runner Mission

How To Reach
The game is straightforward, play through each level. There's 114 of them.

That being said, the keyboard controls are not very responsive, and the level designs are wildly uneven: Level 2 is very hard to complete and requires a lot of practice and excellent timing. Therefore it's quite likely that no one ever completed this game (without a cheat).

The Ending
If you make it to the last level:
Runner Mission Ending

The level is called "Gratulations", and it's clearly the intended end, as one of the "pills" cannot be picked up.

On the title screen, enter the following in your emulator's monitor:
>1041 80 68
Press F1 to start a new game, choose either Joystick or Keyboard, then choose option 2 (continue from last level).

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