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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Aiming to become a Robomutant, our little robot must learn a lot by loading several useful programs from the terminals. These skills are needed to interact with the furnitures placed in the rooms to find objects to be used in the right places.
What he mainly need are three disks named A B and C, which must be used into the mainframe to develop a shield. This shield will allow the robot to pass thru the two barriers which defend the final door.

These are some notable moments of the mission.

This wall must be destroyed with the bomb to pass through.

Moving this bed reveals a chest. Once the robot has learned how to break it, the remote control is acquired.

Don't step over this place until you use the remote control to stop the watching camera.

The disk C can be found here opening the grate only at last, when the robot has learned how to jump.

Once all the three disks have been used in the mainframe, the robot only needs to wait under the mainframe's hat to gain his shield.

With the shield on, feel free to pass under the shower barriers. But, again, don't step over this wardrobe! Rather than that, open it and get the scissors.

Cut any linking between the mainframe and the control terminal to shut down the last defence, then return to the shower barriers'room and take the final door.

The Ending

Yes you did it! You've become a Robomutant, as revealed in a picture drawn by Harry which has been never seen before!

On emulator's monitor, enter this anytime:
G D000

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