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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
First of all, Sabreman must locate one of the wells which can be find in the scenario. Shoot at it four times and a bucket of holy water will appear.

Searching along the screens, 5 broken obelisks have to be healed dropping holy water over any of them in order to regenerate'em.

Once all the 5 obelisks have been healed, the Pentagram will appear in one fixed room, placed in the very center of the global map.

At the same time the Pentagram gets real, 5 Runestones get scattered randomly in some of the preconditioned places, usually not so distant frome each other. They have to be seeked and picked up...

...and dropped into the Pentagram.

The Ending
This is the last Runestone, going to complete the mission!

Congratulations for compleAting the game? Ready for the never released Mire Mare game?

Let's show this 3-digits number to the outer world!

Use the extras as shown in the beginning of the game.

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