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Game Endings

Mike To Mars
Ending for
Mike To Mars

How To Reach
Mike has to complete 3 different trials in order to reach the end of his task. Unfortunately, the only working version known at the moment doesn't work till the end of the game due to the overlapping of the graphic elements deleting lines of code, occuring in a bad break near the final while playing the third and last screen.

At first, he must run into the forest for 1000 meters to reach the missile hangar, avoiding obstacles of different shape along his path.

Here we are, in the HQ!

Rooooooo-ckeeeeeet ship! To the red one!

Cleaning up all the aliens is a matter of time while your score decreases, but nobody shoot at you!

Done! Points minus time is your new score.

Another run against time, into three mazes.

The Ending

The game trusts in your honesty, asking you the final score. OK, Mike, do you wanna play again?

Press Run/Stop, then enter:


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