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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
11 girls await for being discovered, hence 88 levels have to be beaten in order to accomplish the whole game.

The Ending
Levels 87 and 88 are shaped like "GAME" and "OVER" words, as a clear prelude to the end of the game.

The 12th girls is converted from this famous C64 picture, and comes as a final prize, finally in full colour, finally beside the seashore, and with a very well matching digitized sound from Bonanza Banzai's "Valami Véget Ért" hit.

Pressing space, here come the THE END logo and a big screen of congratulationg text. And...oh! Does Nukeman really distribute an extra disk to all the winners? Is this a GTW? ;)

Using the built-in cheat will take you straight to the ending.

But at this point, the easiest way is to attach the side A of the disk, and load the right file with:
then let the ending runs with:
SYS 4111

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