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Game Endings


No Ending
Ceekay failed to remove a large number of the protection routines hidden in the original game. This causes random fatal game freezes, and therefore reaching level 3 is very rare.

It is possible to force the loading of level 3 by entering the following in MONITOR:
>D0 03
G C200
This allows level 3 to be played. Here the player faces another bug: the doors should be opened by kicking them down, in this conversion however the player can run through any door like a ghost. Nonetheless, once the last opponent is defeated, you must kick the final door after being fully recharged, in order to let the hawk appear.
Again, there's a bug in the ultimate fight against the hawk: the enemy does not attack forth/back as intended, resulting in a continuous hitting against the player and the absolute impossibility to inflict any single hit. The hawk must be killed by entering the following in MONITOR:
>5E 0
which causes the hawk to explode.

At this point, level 4 would be expected, but the loader points to level 3 again. This occurs because the author did not include level 4, as confirmed by a deep analysis of the disk structure, and it could have been a wanted choice instead of a mistake. Actually, track 21 sector 10 of the disk contains the file structure, where it appears quite clear there are 3 stages only, loading at $A000.

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