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Game Endings

Ghost Castle
Ending for
Ghost Castle

How To Reach
Search for three missing items lost in any of three different castles in order to set free your soul.

The first castle has fire and lava everywhere, and you need to spot out a scroll, a key and a meidcine flask, before reaching this exit:

Ghost Castle Level 1 Exit

...and this is the message while loading once a castle has been left behind:

Ghost Castle Level Loading Screen

The second castle looks like an ancient temple,where to search for a spirit, an alarm clock and a fish:

Ghost Castle Level 2 Exit

The third castle is a burly one, with some large boulders here and there, hiding a potion, a poison and an eyeball:

Ghost Castle Level 3 Exit

The Ending
Although the loader's message following level 3 boasts of a forthcoming castle, three are enough, and it's time for the congratulations, 'cause "you are ending in the game" (eh?)!

Ghost Castle Ending

Use the cheats to reach the ending.

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