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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Sparkie must collect the 8 treasure hidden lost in the haunted catacombs underneath the ruined monastery and reach the exit located in the lower right corner on the map.

The exit will appear unveiled and accessible only if all the treasure have been collected. On the map, the exit is marked in green when the last treasure has been picked up.

If Sparkie doesn't collect the treasure, he will find a wall obstructing the exit.

...And this is what he finds if all the treasure are in.

The exit is guarded by a very last ectoplasm that must be shot down to go up to the surface, giving you additional 10% to the final success score.

"...and thence we came forth to see again the stars."

The Ending
Well done, Sparkie!

Begin a game, then enter in the emulator's Monitor:

G 27E4

to play the ending scene.

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