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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Our lil'fluffy friend is in danger! Time to use our bombs'arsenal to clear the path out of baddies and spot out all the secret switches, in order to stop that infernal bicycle-engined killing machine.

Ok, we're here, what to do now?

Oh yeah! Killed by a falling chandelier! Justice's done, our pal is now safe'n'good!

The Ending
The congratulations message comes.

Hey, who's that weird guy?


Suspended eyeballs!

Ashes to ashes!

Everything is done! But...wait! You can now press Return to come back to the titles, OR! Press R in order to replay this thundering divine punishment!

Use the cheat (see Ewox page) to take advantage of an unlimited time, then follow the hints in order to solve the game.

To see the ending directly, on emulator's monitor, enter anytime:
G 5500

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