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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
In the Demonsdom you have to deal with demons, unfortunately, before you'll able to reach te exit.

And this task begins to become a harsh one if you find a closed door.

Oh well, no problem at all, finding a key would be eas...oops: there's a guardian demon running in circles around the key itself! How to defeat it?

Ah yes! Holy water! Or poison. Or...a potion. Oh well, a bottle of demon's defeating stuff anyway, also found in a deeper room.

It worked: no demon! Let's pick up the key.

It worked too: no door between you and the last room!

The Ending

Away from the Demonsdom, at last!

Ending message, large, round and graphically bugged, as a real ending has to be.

On emulator, enter:
G 3700

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