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Game Endings

Bomb Runner 2
Ending for
Bomb Runner 2

How To Reach
12 rooms where to deactivate the bomb before its counter reaches the zero, avoiding the watching guards. After the last room, you see the exit where to go out.

If you've played the easy and normal difficulty levels, you get a Mario game's style sentence.

On the other hand, if you're playing at the highest difficulty level, a big enemy approaches!

The door closes behind Barry the big boss, it's time to play against him, by moving it over the bombs by make him mirror-miming your own steps.

The door begins to lift up!

And up more!

The Ending
The boss has gone, and the exit door is now completely open, time to go out.

Well done!

Load the main code, then:
LIST 15 [Return]
and the line 15 will be displayed as:
Change the line numbers 100 and 300 to 200 and press Return to input:
now missing the bomb in time and being caught directly finish a level.

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