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Game Endings

The Big Quest
Ending for
The Big Quest

How To Reach
The game is straightforward, there are no tricks or puzzles to solve. Escape each of the 10 rooms by first picking up the "sun" (shining object), then the key, then rush out the door. Avoid enemies, be sure to finish before the time is up.

The Ending
The Big Quest Ending

A short animated end-sequence plays: the main character rushes over each enemy, turning them into dust, then jumps happily up and down. Translation: "Bravo! That was really a super performance!"

Fire continues the game and the player may enter their name to appear in the Top Ten.

You can use the cheats, but even with invulnerability, some rooms (e.g. 7) are very challenging.

The fastest shortcut is to RUN the game, press Run/Stop once the first level appears, then type RUN1880: and press RETURN.

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