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Game Endings

Berks 3
Ending for
Berks 3

How To Reach
There's a big treasure somewhere in the real core of the City of the Berks. Collect 21 keys to enter the Inner Sanctum, another 4 keys to penetrate into the Heart of Sanctum, in the end 10 keys will open the final door which still separate you from the treasure.

Room 16 is the real Heart of the Inner Sanctum. That's the treasure behind the door, and those are the famous 10 keys. And there's no lack of foes around too!

Once you've collected all the keys, the defence of the treasure falls down.

The Ending

Mission complete!

At master level? I am at master level right now! This message appears unregarding the level you've choosen in the titles. And yes: the game starts again from the beginning.

On emulators, begin a game and enter:
>37 0E
then go to the room on the right and you'll be into the Heart of Sanctum (Room 16); now enter:
>47 FF

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