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Game Endings

Ending for

How To Reach
Fight in the main hall of the Drax's castle against 8 enemies to save Mariana which sadly lies on a side of the tyrant's throne.

The 8th corpse has been carried away while bleeding on the floor, and now it's time to WHAAAT? The game crashes at the 8th victory!
The conversion does not manage what should happen in the game after level 8. This crash occurs because (warning: assemby code ahead!) of a JSR $8DDC, which can be prevented placing a RTS in that location:
>8DDC 60
and let's see what happens.


Great, the game doesn't crash this way!, but the program tries to manage the final fight against Drax himself. One of the most notable characteristics of this great conversion is that the code truly manages real C64 sprites data. That's the reason why a pink box appears close to where Drax originally is located on the background: the game should place the empty throne as graphics, and move Drax shooting bolts on the rightmost side of the screen. Meanwhile, there's no Drax's sprite on screen, and only the sound fx of the launched bolts can be hear...


...and this takes the player to the bad end of the game. See you in heaven, my hero! Probably there was no room left for further sprites data, and that's the reason why the goblin that carry out the corpses can be heard but doesn't appear too.


The Ending
It is possible to force the game to finish with its good ending. When this occurs, another pink box appears (background slice managing or wrong sprite's placing?) symmetrical to the former one. The sprite of Mariana does not appear because there are no data for it.


Our barbarian hero gets close to her to set her free, and raises the sword as sign of victory.


And that's it: the very end of the game, big boy!


On emulator, first the game has to be fixed:

>8DDC 60

and the bad end sequence can be seen entering while playing:

G 848D

whereas the good ending can be seen entering while playing:

>BB 80
G 8567

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