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on 2018-04-02
 An other 8bit machine with integrated SW

Around 1990/1991 there was an other 8bit computer tried the idea of EPROM based integrated business SW.
Called VTech Advantech I.Q. Unlimited

Yes, it had all these SWs in EPROM, like in case on Plus/4 (probably due to cheaper memory prices it was much bigger).

It had a Z80 @5.5MHz, 64K RAM, 40/80 column display (pretty clear even on TV)
No floppy of cassette connection supported, but used only built-in battery saved SRAM.
Colors are nice, but I think limited to 8, but no attributes. Drawing/fill routines looks pretty fast.

Very interesting to see how well they could realize almost the same task as Plus/4 few years ago:

And a written summary about the programs and the computer with pictures

Surely, as it had no real device to load and save programs, no SWs were developed, even your graphics made with the Art Studio, could not be saved, just printed.

I think it was a nice try.
But was a wasted effort without any possiblitiy to save and load files and programs... So even your self developped game could not be shared with your friend who had the same machine. BAD idea.

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