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on 2018-03-30
 Mr Chip Software & Magnetic Fields - Andrew Morris Interview

Some nice C16/+4 chat with Andrew Morris in our podcast this week, interview starts at 28 mins in.

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on 2018-03-31
 Re: Mr Chip Software & Magnetic Fields - Andrew Morris Interview


Thanks for sharing Dan.

I'm with you about Trailblazer being released on C16/Plus4 first, it released about a week or two just before xmas and as it was that impressive on C16/Plus4 surely it was out on C64 but no. And I can tell you why I remember it so fondly, we were allowed to take a computer to school during the last days before we broke up. I took ACE +4 to show our Maths Teacher the Plus/4 was better than the school's BBC's and as I only just got it I took Trailblazer to show off!
I recall it was a hit for C16/Plus4 as I'm sure you know, (or look back at old C16/Plus4 related mags of that time) and soon after it arrived for everything else from C64 to Atari ST but with a difference... It was a bit of a shock to see it had gone split screen and only that!

If what Andrew Morris says is true, (hard to argue with a legend) then maybe it was in Sheffield, but not so in Southampton. Maybe there was a delay getting other verions to WHSmiths, Boots ect... I didn't copy games but bought every single one thanks to having multiple paper and collection rounds to pay for it. Originals ruled and like Andrew said, you have more of a connection with an original!

Thanks for sharing again,

EDIT: If you have your C64 Mini handy fire up Trailblazer and when the game is in demo mode the scrolling text in the middle of the screen says, "originally devised and written by SOUT for the 16 and now it's on the 64". This is not to prove Andrew wrong of course but make of that what you will.

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