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Posted By

on 2018-01-24
 Plus4 keyboard mess :-(

Hi guys,

I decided to give a big wash to the plus/4 keys which looked quiet dirty. I removed each key+spring from the plunger mechanism but after the cleaning I noticed that unfortunately half of the plastic keys attachment were broken off (the broken plastic part still in the plunger fitting hole).
I tried to stick each keyscaps back to the each plunger with rapid glue but this is very random as some will stick good and some will don't with the risk of sticking the plunger to the plastic keyboard PCB.
Any idea on how to repair this? Or any place where I can grab some spares??

Posted By

on 2018-01-26
 Re: Plus4 keyboard mess :-(

you need to be really careful taking that keyboard apart , as you have found out
glue is not a great option as it can do more damage than good
the best bet is to pickup a dead plus4 and use its keyboard

Posted By

on 2018-01-26
 Re: Plus4 keyboard mess :-(

There should be a plenty of dead Plus/4 on ebay "for parts" (TED is dead)

Unfortunately I also notice the sharp rise of the price in case they offer a confirmed working computer.

Posted By

on 2018-01-27
 Re: Plus4 keyboard mess :-(

Hi guys,
I have unmounted several other commodore keyboards without any single problem.
I am located in Europe and finding even a dead plus 4 at a decent price is hard.

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