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Posted By

on 2017-10-24
 Re: Let Us Make Your Dreams Come True Together (lumydctt)

Thank Mad for the positive feedback.

By the same token... In the last few days I realised that a lots of you like to luxuriate yourself in drawing pictures with PETSCII characters.

I have made a lot of editors for pictures, sprites, icons, characters, etc. So I made up my mind to extend lumydctt with a char editor...

Here you are (v2.0.0)

+ You can draw with mouse (LMB: draw; RMB: clear) and with typing decimal or hexadecimal numbers.

+ You can use clipboard to copy and paste a character.

+ You can make some simple effects with chars: clear, inverse, rotate right, rotate left, flip vertical and flip horizontal.

+ You can load or save the whole character table to a binary or a C header!

Have a good designing!

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