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on 2017-09-02
 What to do with a faulty Plus4

Hi all,

I came across a Plus4 in reasonably good cosmetic shape, that was untested and without PSU and leads. After troubleshooting, the unit has a faulty TED and CPU. It also needs Cap C7 replacement and keyboard cable fixing/replacing because some of the pins are loose. Now, buying chip replacements is highly anti economical, CPUs go on Ebay in the range of 25 euros + shipping, and TEDs go for >35 euros

What would you guys suggest if you had a similar faulty unit? Selling on e-bay is perhaps not worth the hassle and repairing it is way too expensive


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on 2017-09-02
 Re: What to do with a faulty Plus4

Take it apart and sell it piece by piece. The (working) PLA, ACIA, 6529Bs, RAM and ROM ICs as well as the good case might sell for sums that are worth the hassle. Maybe you could also sell the Expansion Port connector if you have the patience to "mine" it from the PCB. I saw a German eBay store that did something similar to C16s.

What to do with the things remaining? Well, figure that out yourself.

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on 2017-09-02
 Re: What to do with a faulty Plus4

Keep an eye on ebay or you local buy and sell sites, maybe a cheap c16 shows up and you can use it to complete the plus4.
What do you need? I have alot of spare parts!

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on 2017-09-06
 Re: What to do with a faulty Plus4

I found an 8360R2 TED that was "reasonable" enough on eBay. IIRC it was the cheapest so added to cart and PPed ASAP.

However, thanks to MMS being generous with his findings, we may have found a source for somewhat reasonable 8501R1 CPUs. Around 20 euros. Check this:

Currently waiting on two to come so will see how I go.

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