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on 2017-08-29
 Free digital version of K&A plus #8 (PL, EN)

Free digital version of K&A plus #8 (PL, EN)

A new release of our magazine dated for spring/summer 2017 has just been released! Here are some topics we cover in #8:
- C64 on WiFi
- 3D games for VIC-20
- Movie games from Datasoft
- Amiga on Android TV Box
- AROS ARM for Android
- MAL Hollywood
- Polish underground – the charm of computer markets
- Broken plastic? No problem!
- Sid Adventures: Katod
- Krzysztof Augustyn – interview
- Andreas Falkenhahn – interview
- Digital Team – interview

As well as multiple game reviews for each Commodore platform and various editorials, discussions and tutorials. A full table of contents and download links can be found on magazine's home page:

We also sell #8 hardcopies printed on high quality coated paper directly from our page. Thanks for your support!

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