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on 2017-07-27
 Do we have an SJLOAD yet?


I've been researching the SD2IEC and plan to purchase one when I either get my C16 or Plus/4 working again. Had one good C16 that blanked out due to faulty power supply. And the other just blanked out after siting idle with a game loaded. Then I have a Plus/4 that needs a power supply and is untested but it's my best hope!

But back to the topic at hand. So I've read all about SJLOAD and C16 ports of it but have not found an actual C16 port of it. Was work begun and stalled? Is there a working version anywhere?

The closest I have seen is JiffyDOS. Available as ROM or image. This looks to be the same serial protocol used.

If they use the same method can not the Jiffy loader be extracted to create a C16 SJLOAD?

I am aware that currently JiffyDOS is a commercial product that supports our computers so for this alone it would be best to purchase a copy. But for me, I would prefer a software solution, one I can load rom disk. Especially being able to auto load it and have it present a speedy disk menu loader.

Against this, I see that SJLOAD is open source, however it looks to be a reverse engineered hack. That is, someone disassembled the code, modified it and reassembled it. So, if that is the case, then legally SJLOAD is in a bad light.

I read CBM FileBrowser is available for us. But AFAIK with no Jiffy support. Would be nice.

I've examined the source of said SJLOAD and it looks portable. Except the source could do with a few more defines of port locations and kernel routines. A copy and paste could be a first step. I'd actually like to have a go at doing it myself if I had a working machine. Of course, I haven't touched C16 ASM in around 30 years, but I can still read it. LOL.


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