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on 2017-07-22
 Possible to list supported / suggested shops on the Menu?

Is there a possibility to list, and maybe rank the Top HW shops you can buy cables, hardwares, datasettes, floppies and ICs?
It could be eg. at the end of the a Toplist

The members could add (based on their good OWN experince) shops, the Members (buyers) with real experience can also Vote to help the others?
There could be some info to add (or vote), like shipping cost to UK / US / EU (low, med, high) or Speed of Delivery (slow, fast), or the details of infomation available about the devices (nothing, few, enough, detailed)?
Also, the personal negative experience could be realized via the Votes, may help other to look elsewhere.

Why I had this idea:

As I willing to go to Arok, and want to demonstrate the IEC2IEE together with the SFD-1001 to the guys.

I realized, that I have no Commodore video out cable, just a SCART one, that may work or not work with projector (beamer).
So I will need a Composite out cable (as I learned in the past here, the Svideo output is not so nice from Plussy, would be a nice HW hack to improve it, I could not test it yet, as I have no such cable). Also I have no spare IEC cable.

I finally got into the Google, and bought the cable with both Composite and S-Video output (ebay retrocomputershack with >1600 positive feedback).
It did NOT cause too much trouble to find a C16 Video output cable. It is cheap and affordable.

But what about SDIEC and the other cards, special cables required to operate them on 264 series? (eg tape adaptor)

Eg. I checked's Hardware shop.
It does not look expensive, shipping is included. You canpay with paypal. So first impression is very good.

But you cannot get any more details on the cable lenght, or any details on the data transfer cables (I also need, but can get some help now).
I can write a mail and wait, but... Or can check on internet...
Looks very inactive too, you do not know, if it really works?

What is your opinion about the idea?

Posted By

on 2017-07-21
 Re: Possible to list supported / suggested shops on the Menu?

Nice idea! Shops where you definitely know that they sell good items would be a plus for many 264 owners!

Posted By

on 2017-07-22
 Re: Possible to list supported / suggested shops on the Menu?

I don't object to the idea. But I have concerns about keeping the list accurate, who would be responsible for maintaining it.

Ideally, if the shop owner is also a member here (such as Chris of, they would be responsible for maintaining their own listing here. This allows them to update shipping costs, shipping times, item availability.

For shops that don't have a member presence on Plus/4World, there needs to be a "last updated" line on each listing, so that we can estimate how accurate that shop's record may be.

If a shop also maintains an eBay presence, we should link to both, in the same record here. This helps us see whether two sellers are really the same. It is also possible that their eBay listings contain less technical information than the shop's page for the same item.

Shipping charges and delivery times are inherently subjective. I routinely bring things into the US and post out of the US; what might be reasonable to me could be unreasonable to someone buying within their own country.

Posted By

on 2017-07-28
 Re: Possible to list supported / suggested shops on the Menu?

OK, my first listing, just to start somewhere
(if you want, I can add a picture about the C= video cable product, very good quality)

Portfolio: Video cables for different retro computers and consoles, monitors
Disc and tape drive belt

Located: UK

Product Quality: Fine

Webshop Details: Very detailed technical info

Packaging: Very good, protective

Price: Moderate

Postage to EU: Fast (3-4 days)

Postage price to EU: Fair

Product in question: Commodore video out cable (SVideo, Composite, Audio)

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