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on 2017-06-30
 Commodore Retro Expo - CRX

CRX will be held on July 28-30th at the Alexis Park Resort just off the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! Come check out our site at for the best Commodore show to ever hit Vegas! Live presentations, cool raffle prizes/giveaway, FREE Admission, FREE parking! Also check out the 5C's website, home of the Clark County Commodore Club based in Las Vegas since 1983! Come have a look at our video promo on Youtube:
Forrest Nettles
President, Clark County Commodore Computer Club Las Vegas

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on 2017-07-13
 Re: Commodore Retro Expo - CRX

sadly I can't make any trips this year , darn life gets in the way of fun
but I am sending a box of goodies along with a friend to have on display on his table , along with a really good assortment of FREE goodies from my store inventory
I hope its a great turnout and everyone has a fun time

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on 2017-07-13
 Re: Commodore Retro Expo - CRX

Guys, you are fantastic. I have no idea how you can organise such a big event.
Seems it will be a fantastic program!

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on 2017-07-22
 Re: Commodore Retro Expo - CRX

just in time I got the box of goodies shipped out in support of CRX
box included some new bare +4/c16 cartridge boards and 2 +4/c16 diagnostic test harness units and some cute little c16 IRQ led's
along with a lot of stuff for the 'other' commodore machines
if you are able to , stop in and grab some freebies

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