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Posted By

on 2017-05-19
 Re: Turbo Vision 4 BASIC (TV4B)

First of all, I would like to thank you for the appreciative words, but I didn't work for Novotrade. I was only a little boy with big ideas and unlimited fantasies...

Oh, I see you have found Hollywood Poker. Telling the truth, my "cross brother" and I learnt poker with this game on Commodore Plus /4... And in 2013 I have bought some Amigas (in order to write some programs on it of course), too... ...and I could see the original one.

Yes, the development of TV4B was interrupted on 21st of June in 2014 (as you can see in the History). And there are "some" (or a lot of) bugs in it, the project became more complex. Have you tried to install the latest video drivers? It's important to be installed OpenGL, else it's really slow...

p.s.: the capabilities (and developing environment) of TV4B is writen in the User Manual (on 187 pages).

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