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Posted By

on 2017-05-19
 The Last Ninja fake or not?

A few years ago I read a thread about someone porting The Last Ninja to the plus4. They reckoned they were making good progress. Since then nothing has come to light. Is this project real or are we victims of fake news?

I would love to see this game one day appear on the Plus/4. Forever dreaming...

Posted By

on 2017-05-19
 Re: The Last Ninja fake or not?

Definitely not a fake. It was a preview and it's still unfinished (I'm not sure if it's abandoned or work-in-progress or was just a proof-of-concept)

Posted By

on 2017-05-19
 Re: The Last Ninja fake or not?

Yeah, not fake. Here's the thread:

It's being developed by Ati. I know him personally, and he's still active, he participated in Crackers' Demo 5 for example.

The last video he posted is just over a year old, and you can see the game running on his laptop in YAPE. These things move very slowly though, so don't hold your breath. To put it in perspective, my group's (LOD) first megademo has been in the works since 1992, and our first "real" game has been in development since 2001 or so. Both are expected to drop any decade now.

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