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Posted By

on 2017-05-18
 Linux and Vice

I use Linux these days and so downloaded from the synaptics
Store Vice but with that you need the Commodore ROM,s
So I then down loaded the Windows version of Vice and with WINE vice worked perfectly.
Changed the win version icons to proper C64 icons.
It all works perfectly no speed loss or graphics drag at all.Any one used Vice in Linux?.

Posted By

on 2017-05-29
 Re: Linux and Vice

I use Vice now and then on Linux, but usually for C64 game testing (i.e., will I like this game?).

I've noticed that the version I have installed doesn't seem to load C64 D64s for some reason, but it could be that the version in the Linux Mint repository is old. T64s all seem to load fine.

I did notice it ran slowly at full screen on an old Intel Atom-powered mini-ITX motherboard under Linux, whereas the Windows version was fine on the same board.

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