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Posted By

on 2017-04-16
 Ninja Master with "speech" possible?

Hi there, this is my first post.
I wonder if it's possible to make a version of Ninja Master for C16/plus4 with Digi Speech.
Comparing the C64 Version with C16, the game looks almost the same except the missing voices...
yeah, the game itelf is terribly bad but somehow i really like it.
So i want to request this little game for modifying it.
Sad thing is, i don't have skills to make it for myself but i will support it as good as i can.
Sorry for my bad english...


Posted By

on 2017-04-16
 Re: Ninja Master with "speech" possible?

Hi Norman,

Welcome to Plus/4 World! Your English is just fine, you have nothing to worry about. I didn't know the C64 version of Ninja Master had digi, so I just looked it up... Man, those are mighty annoying

To answer your questions: yes, it's possible to make this game with digi sounds. The game would not run on 16K, that's for sure, but otherwise, there are other titles with digi sounds, so I don't see any technical problems here.

Second, if you're asking for someone to do it... Well, that might be hard. As far as I know, most folks here (me included) who would be able to do such a thing are way too busy to take on projects such as this one. But of course I don't speak for everyone, only myself, so how knows, maybe some enterprising coder will step forward and do it

Posted By

on 2017-04-22
 Re: Ninja Master with "speech" possible?

Hello Csabo,
thanks for your reply.
Of course, i don't want to sit back and wait for someone to do it.
It was just an idea and may be there is someone who can do it, as far he/she is thinking
its wotrh a try. If so, please feel free to contact me.
Yeah, this game will probanly not work on an unexpanded Commodore 16.
I am a happy owner of two C16 wit 64k Expansion

Regards, Norman

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