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Posted By

on 2017-03-11
 Re: Commodore Server .com -- Porting C64 code to Plus/4 code (V-1541)

Okay, now I'm seeing some trouble with $8000 and up.

According to - on page 179, $8000 and up is used by the Basic Interpreter.

@SVS: The Ultimate Map makes it seem fairly attractive though...

That's probably not where I want to place the code after all. I need to preserve as much functionality as I can by tucking the RS232 driver somewhere filled with cobwebs. Only 3k bytes, but -- so much for easy-peasy!

@MMS: is a telnet site, so you'll have to find a landline BBS to tinker with the dial up modems... Just get a WiModem and enjoy the new millennium !

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