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Posted By

on 2017-03-08
 JiffyDos question


What are the zero page addresses used as pointer to the JD function keys definition ?
on C64 and VIC20 they are $b0 and $b1 but not on Plussy it seems...

and what are the SYS xxxxx to re-enable the JD function keys and to re-enable the JD Commands ?

Is there a small JD manual for Plussy?


Posted By

on 2017-03-09
 Re: JiffyDos question

There is no JiffyDOS manual specific to the Plus/4. We use the 64/128 manual:

Please be aware: not everything in the 64/128 manual applies to the Plus/4 version.

You can obtain the JiffyDOS function key assignments through the Plus/4's KEY command. (This also works on the 128.) Simply type KEY to see the definitions; redefining the keys is as simple as typing KEY 1, "PRINT" + CHR$(34) + "COMMODORE" + CHR$(13)

We do not know the SYSxxxxx for re-enabling the function keys, or to re-enable JiffyDOS. Personally, I prefer to reset the Plus/4 if I need to re-enable JiffyDOS. This can be done with SYS65526 (warm boot) or SYS32768 (only restarts BASIC).

Posted By

on 2017-03-11
 Re: JiffyDos question

Thanks for the info James

I could find the addresses on the KEY command page :

I prefer redefining the keys through my ML program than doing it in BASIC.

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