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Posted By

on 2017-02-11
 Tiny USB power supply

Hey folks,

I've just found this solution on the other day:

It uses a tiny monolithic voltage converter to double the +5V from the USB to +10 DC and feeds them to 9V AC and 5V DC lines. The whole thing fits into the original DIN plug.

Would this work with the C+4? As I remember the C64 uses the 9V AC for TOD clocks only (?), but not sure about the C+4.

Posted By

on 2017-02-11
 Re: Tiny USB power supply

Electrically, yes it will work. Plus/4 and C64 power supplies are interchangeable, the DIN plug is the only difference.

However, there is no ground (earth) line in a USB cable, nor is there a ground in a typical USB wall adapter. So if anything in your Plus/4 shorts out, you risk losing more than just that one component. You could lose your CPU or your TED as well.

Posted By

on 2017-02-15
 Re: Tiny USB power supply

The amps too little. Anyway, someone has already tried?

Posted By

on 2017-02-28
 Re: Tiny USB power supply

So I suppose it is closer to the C16 power supply. It also do not have a ground(earth) and low on amps.

Anyhow, for that any unregulated, ~1.5 Amps general PSU could be fine.

Actually I have one working Plus/4 from the 4, and this one fortunately has the same round connector, as my C64. So this solution may work with my Plus/4.

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