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on 2014-09-23
 Re: Manage tons of enemies theoretically

Not a stupid Q at all. Usually this is the first idea from non-programmers. Halving the framerate doubles the number of visible monsters, but doesn't eliminate the problem. There always will be a chance that there will be too many monsters to draw in given time, if you doesn't limit them somehow.

Next question is how to limit the number of visible monsters?
" When a new moster wants to spawn, try to dispose another one which is - for example - offscreen and furthest from the player"? Any other clever ways? There are no fixed paths, no "come in, chase, go away" monsters. They just want to catch you and overhelm with their numbers.

@SVS: Lowering the processing priority of distant & not visible monsters (updating their AI in every 2nd or 3rd frame) is also a clever way to save more cpu to display more monsters :)

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